Goals and Disappointments

As you might be aware, I’m currently on a journey toward getting more fit and loving myself more. Well, things are going spectacularly in the love department! However, my fit challenge has fallen off a little in the past week.

My best friend and I go to the gym multiple times during the week and keep each other accountable for our exercise. This week I, unfortunately, have not made it to the gym a single time. Now, I’m not upset with myself for not going; I’d rather be alive and less fit than be in a car accident. I am upset that I haven’t been making the best choices as a result. When I work out I feel more than prepared to turn down desserts and all of the terrible food that has had its hands on the control center of my brain since I was very young. When I fail to go to the gym I am more tempted to indulge myself, and I have more time to do so. I’m really trying. More than I’ve ever tried before. I have so many people encouraging me, but I want to make sure that I don’t give up. It just gets really hard when there are so factors keeping me from the gym.

One bright side is that I really do miss working out. I miss being able to focus and give all of my energy toward something so positive. It helps to reduce my stress and sleep at night without overthinking everything. Above all else, I miss the time I get to spend with Tori (seriously check her blog out: https://torimakeschanges.wordpress.com/).

Just writing this keeps me motivated to get my bottom back on that track!

Hopefully my next post will be about all of the walking and biking I was able to do 🙂

Until then, I wish you the best.



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