I have to let out the anger…

My car wouldn’t start today. I was spending the little time I have with my boyfriend, when we were about to leave so he could get to dinner and his night class. I put the key in the ignition, turn, and…click,click,click,click. No. Not now. Please.

My battery was just as done with this wintry weather as I am. I panicked immediately, as I do with everything that I’m sort of expecting, however dreading to occur. Keith called the campus police and they said they would send somebody in a few minutes. He had to leave for his class, so I waited. And waited. And froze.

After about ten minutes campus security rolls up. Let me be the first to say that every encounter I’ve had with these men have all been negative. Every time I have asked for help or explanations I got talked into circles and ended up crying. I tried to be friendly.

“Hello,” I cheerfully greeted the policeman as he lumbered out of his car. Well, as cheerfully as I could muster while I was still having a semi-anxiety attack.

“Hi,” he grumbled in return, “open your hood for me.”

“Okay.” (I mean, wow, I realize it’s cold, but this is your job.)

I watch in silence as he lifts my hood and attaches the sparky thing onto my battery.

“That should be good,” more of his bad attitude.

“Okay, I’ll try it!” I turn the key and luckily it starts with a roar.

“Now, you’ll need to drive it around for about 20 minutes so it powers back up.”

“Okay, thank you so much for your help!”


And, that was it. He left.

Sometimes I really don’t understand people. This man chose this job knowing that he would be dealing with college students and issues like this. It wasn’t like I was rude to him, breaking any laws, or being belligerent in any way. I was just an unfortunate student who needed a little help. I tried to be as warm as possible to him and all I got back was disinterest, annoyance, and resentment. I’m so disillusioned with our campus police. I think next time I’ll just find a peer to jump my car; at least they might be nice to me.

Thank goodness I’m dating a firefighter and not a policeman.


One comment

  1. toriwalls · February 19, 2015

    Sorry to hear lovely… I know that my experience with them has never been pleasant either. You think he’d want to be jumping a care instead of writing tickets… Go figure…

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