I see you.

After more than a year of dating my boyfriend just started following this blog. ‘Bout damn time, seriously!


Before we started dating I noticed (I mean I wasn’t stalking his facebook or anything…) that he posted a link to his first blog post. I followed it and drank up every word (I wasn’t looking for clues that he was thinking of me, goodness!). I’m telling you, I looked for updates on that blog daily. I read every word, and mostly in between the lines. I waited for some kind of clue that he enjoyed spending time with me. And, I (not-so-subtly) made sure he knew that I had a blog on here as well. I secretly hoped that he was checking for signs of me liking him as well, but I had no way of knowing. He never followed me. Now, I guess he realized it’s time since he’s locked into this relationship 😉


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