Galentines and Valentines

The day of love and all things romance is quickly approaching. I have so many people in my life that I appreciate and love. I can’t thank people enough for helping me get through my neurotic breakdowns and feelings of inadequacy. You know who you are and you mean the world to me.

I’d like to also take a moment to celebrate how far I’ve come in my relationship with my best friend and partner in crime. He has helped me become a better person in so many ways and has helped me overcome some of my biggest anxieties. For example, I was eating with my friend, Olivia, the other day and she asked about what I’d been up to. I informed her of how my boyfriend and I went to the gym together and then cooked dinner together. The look of shock on her face surprised me. I had been so used to our level of comfort that I didn’t at first understand why she was puzzled. Then she explained her perspective: “Just a year ago you couldn’t eat a single piece of food in front of him, let him touch you, or even dream of working out with him.” She was right. I was so immersed in my experience with him that I wasn’t able to see how much of an accomplishment that was. He really is the best and I hope I never lose him. He did promise to live to 200 years. Hopefully he wasn’t lying.



Here’s to a billion more memories created and mornings of eggies and Portlandia ❤


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