Life Happens

Hello! I’m sorry I’ve neglected my blogging duties again. I swear, one day I will have the time and energy to maintain this thing. But, I’d like to catch you up on some new things in my life.

Last semesters I ended up maintaining my 4.0 GPA after the most trying classes of my life. After surmounting that challenge I took a winter reading class. I’m hoping one day to become a reading specialist.

I also traveled to the Dominican Republic with my student organization, Reach Out. It was a fabulous experience and I loved meeting all the children. Next year I will be writing a manual to take with us! I’m really excited to start, and I will be focusing on teaching English. Here are some photos from my adventure:

DR Reach Out Blogme 2 me 3 me 4 me 5 me 6 me 7 me 8 me 10 me Reach Out Blogme

I will never forget the memories I forged while on this trip and I’ve been working very hard to share my passion with others when I returned to my University.

My family has a new member of the family named Zeros!


In other updates, I am more in love with my boyfriend, Keith, than ever before. We’ve been together for over a year and the support he gives me has been phenomenal. Recently, I’ve been very interested in becoming more fit and healthy. He’s really helped me curb my bad habits and give me insight on how to help myself.

me 1 me 3 me

My best friend, Tori, and I are gym buddies! We have both seen fabulous improvements since starting a routine at the gym at the beginning of the year. We keep each other accountable. She has started her own blog to document her journey at so please go follow her!

I am in a lot more clubs for education now am planning a conference for next year. I am on the Executive Board of Reach Out and am now the chair of our cultural committee.

Friends, thank you for reading and listening to my life update! I’ll leave you with lyrics from the brilliant Damien Rice:

“Just like you said it would be life goes easy on me, most of the time.”


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