The Best Body Image Advice I Ever Received Came From Little Red Riding Hood

Thought Catalog

Growing up in a county where over 50% of girls have or have had disordered eating by the time they reach 9th grade, I believed very young that body image should be one of my main concerns. Whether I was calorie counting myself, looking out for classmates who were, or engaging in discussions about how to stop the dieting and eating disorders prevalent all around, body image quickly became prominent in my life.

As an athlete, I was in some ways protected from a lot of the societal pressures. I needed to be strong, not thin, and as soon as school was over and I went to practice this mentality was reinforced as we were pushed to our physical limits and relied upon our bodies to get us through. Years later, as more and more of my friends are finishing their athletic careers, my eyes have been reopened to theā€¦

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