Day Two of Learning to Break

Today was my second day practicing hooping breaks. This morning I got my hair cut so I decided I needed to take a few pictures of myself.


Anyway, I digress. One of my favorite parts of hooping is my routine before I practice. I always pick out an outfit that will allow me the perfect amount of skin exposure (for grip), freedom of movement, and cute factor. Today I picked a black tank top, a pair of grey and pink lined shorts (which are actually supposed to be used in the water, but I don’t exactly like sticking to prescribed purposes). Finally, I completed the outfit with a pair of eccentric, blue and green knee-high socks. These were essential because it’s quite chilly in my basement and I need to be able to glide on the carpet. So, I have provided you with some pictures of my outfit as well.


Practice went well. I was able to solidly master changing directions while waist hooping, despite not being able to hoop to my right side. Then I worked on my shoulder breaks a bit more. They are getting considerably better, I just need to learn to be more assertive. We won’t even discuss chest breaks. Don’t ask. On the bright side, I have noticed a few other improvements that I gained through hooping. My balance is getting better as well as my flexibility. My hooping is becoming more smooth and I can successfully flow from one move to another without looking totally lost. The most important change that hooping is helping me with is my body image. If you’ve read any of my other posts you are probably aware of my issue when it comes to loving my figure. Fortunately, hooping is a great way to learn to love the body I have. I’m learning how talented and able my body is. There is so much I can do that I never thought possible. I videotape myself and take loads of pictures while I hoop so that I can see where I need improvements in my performance. These videos and photos also help me to look at my body and become comfortable with it. Some days are harder than others, of course. I am often tempted to delete every photograph and second of footage that I’ve captured because I begin to see all the flaws I’ve obsessed over for more than a decade. When this happens I focus. I focus on the moves I’m doing. I look closely at the beautiful shapes and rhythms that I exhibit. I listen to the music and can feel myself meshing with its melodious and upbeat vibes. And, I no longer see a “terrible body”; I see a dancer. I see someone who is so insanely passionate about this hobby that she forgets that camera is there. She is lost in her art form. She is found in her hoop.



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