It’s time for a new goal…

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been dormant lately when it comes to my hooping.

Ever since I returned to college in the fall it has been hard to get in the hoop. First, there wasn’t enough space in my room (just ask my roommate’s television that almost saw it’s end). Then the weather got cold and my workload increased. I know, I shouldn’t be making excuses. A true hooper always finds a way. But, a hooper who wants to maintain a 4.0 GPA and has been trying to win the heart of a man does not always have time to spin. So, I’m going to change that. The easiest way to motivate myself is to start with a challenge.

My new challenge is to learn breaks. This is one of the areas I’ve always been avoiding, as it seemed to be the most difficult. But, I can ignore it no longer. I am so in love with the way that seasoned hoopers are able to click and change direction within seconds. Breaks add a whole new element to the dance. These hoopers who have mastered breaks look like warriors to me: light on their feet, agile, quick-changing positions, and using the hoop as an extension of their bodies. I want to achieve this. I want to join the ranks of the greats.

I will master breaks. All types of breaks. Shoulder breaks, chest breaks, waist breaks, leg breaks, etc. I will become a warrior and enhance my flow.

(I apologize for the strange analogies, I’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones lately.)

Off to battle.



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