Obligatory New Year’s Post

My goals for the New Year are quite simple. I want to be happier. This may seem hard to achieve, but I’ve already laid the ground work for living a life that more truly fits my personality.

I’m going to let the people that I care about into my mind. I’m going to share my fears, dreams, pain, and triumph. I’m going to let myself smile. I’m going to hug more. No longer will I insist on facing my issues alone. There are so many out there that understand how I feel. I thought I was alone. I was wrong.

One important goal I will tackle is my body image. I will try to love my body. I know I cannot achieve this overnight as I’ve spent nineteen years hating and destroying it. I’m done being afraid of the mirrors in my house, literally cringing every time I catch my own reflection by accident. I am done hating how I look. I am beautiful, just as everyone else is. I want to love who I am, every part of me. I want to help others see how incredibly beautiful they are and how perfect they are in my eyes. So many of my friends have struggled with eating disorders and body image issues. I want to help them. I want to fight my battles and assist them in their struggles as well. I don’t want them to hurt anymore, and I want to be happy as well.

To start my journey toward this goal I have decided to start taking photos of myself. By facing my image, rather than cowering from it and avoiding it every minute of my life, I will embrace it. I will celebrate my body, all of its imperfections and curves. I will learn to love my figure. I will conquer these body image issues that have held me back for so long. I’m done being tortured by my disorders. It’s time to take charge of my life and be free.


Get ready for many more adorable “outfits of the day”.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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