4 Reasons Why Tennis Is Vastly Underrated

Thought Catalog

I was recently asked by my cousins why I play such a weak sport like tennis. Granted, these are the same cousins who bought their most recent home based off the quality of the deer stand in the back yard—which if you didn’t know is a cage up in a tree used for hunting deer—to paint the tableau of who we are dealing with. The point remains however that plenty of people seriously underestimate how unique a sport tennis is. This comes to the constant exasperation of all the people out there who have played the sport and have realized all its complexities. Having grown up playing competitive tennis up to an NCAA college level, let me clear the air once and for all and fill all you non-tennis players in on everything you are missing.

1. The amount of athleticism involved.

People who don’t play tennis think that all…

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