Your Plan Before Entering Target Vs. Your Shopping Cart After Leaving

This. Is. Brilliant.

Thought Catalog

Detergent — that was all I needed. Tide Lavender probably, but who puts themselves in a box and commits their laundry to one particular fragrance in advance? Not this guy. Anyway, I’ve fallen victim to Target’s charming ways in the past, but have yet to find answers as to why. How do they do it? Enchanting magic? Hypnosis? Voodoo? Paranormal influence from the ghosts of dead customer service representatives? False hopes that we can expect more and pay less?

My budget for this particular trip was $7-ish, give or take a few bucks. Get in, grab detergent, glare lustfully at a clearance endcap and get out. Maybe treat myself to a candy bar or some gum at the checkout register, but be bashful. SPOILER ALERT: Upon exit I had spent $70.96 and left with 16 items, none of which were detergent. Here’s a shot of my Tide Lavender-less receipt:


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