Winter Break!

I’ve been home approximately 3 days from college on winter break and I’ve:

  • Visited my home friends
  • Visited relatives
  • Crocheted 2 scarves
  • Cooked about 6 meals
  • Baked a pie and cookies
  • Written a poem
  • Written in my journal
  • Unpacked clothing
  • Played in the snow
  • Done some research
  • Watched a movie with my family
  • Put up the Christmas tree and lights
  • Read a book
  • And so much more!

But, my favorite thing I’ve done since I’ve been home is hooping in the snow. I’ve been waiting over half a year for winter to arrive so that I could try my hand at hooping in my cold, frost-covered backyard. Today I decided it was time to cross this activity off my bucket list. As a bonus, it was a fantastic photo opportunity!


It was everything I imagined it would be: refreshing, freeing, punishing, beautiful, slippery, and most of all relaxing. Hooping in the snow is completely different from hooping in the warmer months. My hands became cold fairly quickly. As the hoop would fall on my pink, icy skin I couldn’t help but smile. I thought about all the pain I have gone through in pursuit of this hobby. Whether it was falling on my bum while trying a one-legged trick, hitting myself in the face while I wasn’t paying attention, or cutting my thumb with scissors as I tried to remove tape from my hoop, I paid for this passion in many injuries. Ultimately, it was all worth it. I realized through this endeavor that I can truly do anything.


I used to be deterred by what others would say. I’ve heard it all: That’s “stupid”, “a waste of time and money”, and “embarrassing”. But, you know what? I’m done caring about what other people think about what I choose to do with my life. I enjoy it, therefore I will continue kicking some serious butt at it.

If you don’t go after things you care about, what is the point to living?I will always do what makes me happy. I hope you do the same.




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