Cosmo Jarvis


Lately I’ve been going through withdrawal. No, not from drugs, silly. From Cosmo Jarvis, of course!

I spent almost all of my senior year in high school listening to this British musician and falling in love with every lyric, melody, and song. He’s seriously amazing.

So, I’m spending tonight reminiscing. I’m getting back to all of the great memories that were formed with Mr. Jarvis singing in the background. I’ve written some of my favorite stories and poems to his gorgeous voice.

Excuse me while I sit here with a simple grin on my face, tapping to the rhythm of my favorite lost musician and his harmonious mandolin.

For You

Forgive me if I can’t let you know how I feel,

If I’m not obvious enough,

For I’m confused myself.

I can’t figure you out.

No definition.

Always a surprise.

I inject that needle of realism

Into your seemingly positive

Bubble of effort.

It can’t be for me.

It’s never for me.

You’re just being kind,


Bored, actually.

What should I do

When all I want to do is give up

And all I can do is keep trying?