A Non-Assassin’s Creed


In my high school creative communications class we had various assignments. One of these was to write our own creed. For those of you who aren’t sure exactly what a creed is, the online Miriam Webster Dictionary defines a creed as: an idea or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group. Keep in mind as you read my creed below that I wrote it when I was only seventeen years old, so it may seem childish. Oh well, read on!


I believe you shouldn’t judge anyone before you get to know them. Unless, they are wearing their pants at or below their knees, then you can judge them all you want. If you want to learn you have to ask questions. I believe that the world is too large and complex not to acknowledge the possibility of life anywhere else in the universe. I believe the music of Paul Simon can cure any troubles that I face. I believe in reading. Books truly open the doors to imaginary worlds, creativity, and ridiculous dreams. When someone tells you, “You don’t want to know,” listen to them. Trust me. I believe that one cannot be unhappy while being near a rubber ducky. I believe that no matter how horrible of a day, week, or month you’ve had, smiling will turn things around. 


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