How To Destroy Your First Love In 25 Easy Steps

It’s actually surprising how many of these I’ve done (though I’ve never experienced love) even though I was consciously aware how ridiculous they are!

Thought Catalog

1. Meet a guy through friends of friends. He is four years your senior, which isn’t a lot, but at your stage in life it is.

2. Learn he went to your university and lived in your city, but is currently living two hours away, having moved only a week before you began talking.

3. Collectively decide to pursue something anyway despite the distance and never having met in person. He promises you that he loves to drive, and that the distance will be fine. You begin to fall for him quickly because you love the way he composes his words, it almost makes you want to cry.

4. Converse mainly through emails, texts, and Facebook messages, but these conversations are the deepest you’ve had with anyone for a long time – maybe even your entire life.

5. Learn he possess almost every quality on your shallow “What I Want…

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