On the Up and Up


This weekend has definitely proven to be the best of this year. It even competes with some of my perfect experiences from my first semester in college (which is nearly impossible to defeat).

Despite not looking forward to this two day span, due to the sheer amount of work I had and being alone because my roommate left to see her boyfriend, it turned out to serendipitous.

What made this weekend so spectacular? Well, it started on Friday when I attended a pep rally and then spent the rest of my night, with two of my best friends, exploring the campus and having various adventures including a riveting game of capture the flag on the quad. The next day I went to the football game, got drenched in the rain, spent some quality time with some friends, and ended the night with some Mario Kart and Apples to Apples with only the greatest of company. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire night. Whenever you find those people that just make you smile, not only physically, but emotionally and holistically as well, do everything you can to hold on to them. Finally this morning I volunteered for a fundraiser, worked on an essay, and hooped a little before going to dinner with my family to celebrate my mother’s birthday.

In the future, when I look back on all that happened this weekend I won’t think of how much I procrastinated on my school work. Instead, I will think of the bubbling happiness that these people elicited in me. I will think of the jokes, the laughter, and the indescribably elation I felt while being around these people I really care for.

I will especially remember one of the first things my roommate said upon her return: “I need some meat; like from an animal.” Never a dull moment, folks.


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