Every day I try…

Every day I try to step out of my comfort zone. Even in the smallest of ways. If I stay safe I will never progress. We all know that there is no reward without the risk. I step into the sunshine with a smile, facing people with gloomy outlooks. I make an effort every single day. I try to keep moving, especially when it hurts the most to do so. Without a positive attitude and the determination to go on, my life would cease to matter. I want to reach out, help others, dance until every worry melts away, love passionately, cry for the sake of release, and dare to do the unexpected. I want to enjoy and bask in the simple pleasures of life. The cool, green grass on a sweltering day. The breeze of spring wafting the smells of wildflowers. The laugh of an old friend that has become an endangered species. The passing of time. And the feeling of being perfectly content. In short, I want to live. Will you join me?


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