Hey, I put some new shoes on!

I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday! But, before I go into that more I had to share this link to the song “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini. It’s super appropriate for this occasion and if it doesn’t make you feel like you can take the world head-on, then I don’t know what will.


Now back to my main point: my new shoes. After wearing an old pair of turquoise random brand shoes from Target (that were looking more tan than bluish these days) I decided I should invest in a new pair of soles for the upcoming school year. Here they are, with the old ones as a comparison:


I went to the Journey’s store in my local mall in search of shoes that I could wear on campus without a) tripping b) hating my feet with every step and c) them wearing out too quickly. I immediately saw this pair of maroon Vans and thought that they were the ones. My mother, always the cautious one, had me try on about ten pairs I wasn’t as interested in. And like fate, the only other shoes that they had my exact size in their stock was the maroon beauties! It was meant to be, I was sure. So, I gave my mom a coy smile and told the sales clerk, “These are the winners.” 


Before I had the blue shoes I had a matching pair of grey ones that I wore so often and hard that when I was finally forced to throw them out, they had 50% of the original soles in tact. I have fond memories of walking through campus either at 12:00 a.m. or after a recent shower and feeling the luscious, damp grass on my bare feet. I purposely didn’t wear socks with these shoes because I wanted to feel the earth wherever I went. I plan on wearing the turquoise ones until they are in this shape, but for when I need shoes that will actually protect my feet I now have a lovely new pair. I’ll miss the blue ones when they have to go; we’ve been through a lot together. But, new beginnings help to ease the pain of losing a close friend: the pair of shoes that were there for every triumph and setback in my first year of college.


Farewell, old friends!


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