Missing School

It’s almost the end of my four month break from college. I am ecstatic to go back. School is as much a home to me as the place my parents live. In honor of my return to campus I’ve compiled a list of specific things I’ve been missing (with no particular order or rank).

1. My roommates

2. The shenanigans that we get into

3. Mario Kart

4. Waking up and knowing that I’m happy with the school I picked

5. Late-night talks

6. Inside jokes

7. Classes and prepping school supplies

8. Dining hall mashed potatoes (if I were to rank it, this might be number one)

9. Club meetings

10.The quad (and playing every sport imaginable on its soft, green grass)

11. My communications group members, a.k.a. The Fantastic Four

12. My $1.00 zen garden

13. The smell of campus at 9:00 a.m.

14. Setting alarms for classes

15. Singing Disney songs with friends

16. Exploring buildings at 12:00 a.m.

17. Campus during the fall

18. Bonding over difficult honors classes

19. Informal dance competitions

20. Running barefoot through the quad when it down-poured, then calling my mother and explaining why my laundry would be much grass-covered, mud-splattered, and drenched than usual

21. How every corner, building, tree, chair, and sidewalk brings back floods of great memories


I especially miss the impromptu changes in weather.


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