Late-Night Poem

Lately I’ve been getting inspiration for writing in the wee hours of the morning. I’m thankful for the sudden motivation to write, but I wish it would come at a more convenient time. Nonetheless here’s another poem I’ve written.

You’ve Moved On; I’m Still Here

There is one person I will never rid from my mind:


No matter how hard I try you’re there

With your cheeky smile

And your scathing sarcasm.

Procuring my heart

While pouring salt in my eyes.

You seep into my thoughts at four a.m.

Still able to make me smile.

Still able to make me cry.

Those fresh, burning tears

I’ve felt a thousand times,

From the initial cut to the latest blow.

It hurts.

But, the thought of losing you

Brings a pain unimaginable.

If only I could get you to call me

“The girl”

For the sake of old times

I’d smile without fear

For you,

My bearded “Sasquatch”.


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