Some of My Biggest Heroes are 12 Years Old


It’s that time of the year again; that’s right it’s the season for the Little League World Series!

I’ve been watching the LLWS for at least five years now and it never ceases to amaze me. Or, I guess I should say, the players are the ones that inspire such awe. There is so much a person of any age can learn from these twelve and thirteen year olds.

One of the reasons I watch The Series annually is because of the dedication of the players. They have worked so diligently throughout the year just to get to Williamsport and it shows in their little faces. They simultaneously take the sport seriously and have the time of their lives while they attempt to win. When they’re losing, behind, or slightly mess up a play they don’t hold back their tears. They are unafraid to show their raw emotions. They get disappointed in themselves, even their teams. But, they never let it keep them down for long. They laugh, goof off, and celebrate with the most unique victory dances ever invented. When the score board shows they are the underdogs, bound to lose, they simply break out the rally caps and cheer louder for their teammates who double as their best friends.

Another reason I look up these young kids is that they are unbelievably talented. Home runs practically pour forth from their bats when they are in the zone. They field like little ninjas, and I warn you to never underestimate their speed.

Besides their raw, harnessed skills, these kids have been known to perform miracles. The underdogs prove themselves through incredible feats. I remember a few years ago I was watching a game between Hawaii and another team (I can’t exactly remember who they were), when my attention was completely captured by one of the players. Ezra Heleski, one of the youngest and definitely the smallest player, stepped to the plate with a smile on his face and assurance in his mind that he was going to make a big play. Low and behold he ended up procuring the winning run and was embraced by the rest of his team for his accomplishment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a happy child. He knew he could do it and he let the pure joy of reaching his goal show on his young, tan face.

If you want to watch a dramatic game that will cause you to laugh freely, tear up, and regain faith in humanity, then I highly recommend checking out a game from the Little League World Series.


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