Hooping Problems & Perks

Hooping is amazing! But, as every hooper can attest to, there are a lot of challenges one faces as they tackle this hobby.

Hooping Problems:

1. Bruises

2. Spending hours failing to master a new trick

3. Tubing, connectors, and tape are expensive, not to mention difficult to find in stores

4. It’s often too hot to practice outside

5. People want to learn, but also want you to make them hoops for free. (See #3 for the inherent problem in this)

6. Breaking furniture in the house

7. Bruises…again (because they never seem to go away)

8. Being too shy as an amateur to practice in public

9. Sweaty hands=no grip

10. Finding the perfect size of hoop

11. Polypro and LED hoops are even more expensive!

12. Hitting doorways because you tried to walk through them without realizing your hoop is still slung over your shoulder

13. There are always cars in the most unfortunate areas

14. Twin hooping with tiny hands (Am I the only one?)

15. All other hobbies fall in importance

16. New hoopers want to learn everything in a day

17. It takes months to gain skill

18. The stereotype that men shouldn’t hoop

19. When people ask why your hoops are so large

20. People get in the way and then get angry when they get hit

21. Beat weave

22. People stare because they’ve never seen a hooper before

23. It’s 4:00 A.M.: Urge to hoop, but everyone is asleep

24. There’s never sufficient room in a car for both hoops and passengers.

25. Foot hooping

26. Dizziness

27. Walking through a doorway, when suddenly you get caught on the doorknob

28. Do awesome trick once, by accident. Never able to do trick again.

29.Unintentional face hooping

30. And finally, bruises. Yes, a third time, because they make me look like a mixed martial arts fighter!

Hooping Perks:

1. Making your first hoop and finally trying it out

2. The community

3. Mastering your first trick

4. That feeling; you know the one. The feeling of complete freedom and entering a new dimension when you get inside the hoop.

5. Gathering attention and awe

6. The music (and the fact that whenever you hear a new song you instantly think of what moves you could use in a routine using the song)

7. Teaching others

8. Watching tutorials on YouTube and discovering the talent of other hoopers

9. Learning discipline and never giving up

10. Makes for fantastic photos

11. Losing weight

12. Gaining muscle and balance

13. Finally being able to move your hips like Shakira (not really, but almost!)

14. Nailing a trick after attempting it for a week straight

15. The tape!

16. Seeing progress

17. You always have something fun to do

18. One cannot be unhappy while hooping

19. The serendipitous feeling when you meet fellow hoopers in the most unexpected places

20. LED

21. Getting over the embarrassment of “screwing up”

22. Male hoopers ; )

23. You can never have too many hoops (or enough!)

24. Hooping naked

25. Getting your friend addicted to your passion

26. Chest hooping with large boobs : )

27. Getting in touch with your body and its movement

28. Feeling beautiful

29. Feeling like a veteran while watching “baby hoopers”

30. Watching your mother attempt hooping

31. Getting addicted

Don’t let my first list fool you. Though there are numerous trials and problems that you face while hooping, the feeling of surpassing these issues makes all of it worthwhile. There are definitely more benefits to hooping than there are downfalls. Hooping is the greatest hobby I’ve ever attempted. I’ll be hooping ’til my hips turn to dust.



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