Project of the Day: Ear Cuffs

I love ear cuffs! They’re kind of my new calling card when it comes to accessories. I purchased my first cuff at the Faerie Festival in Glen Rock, PA. I was attached from the moment I exchanged my $9 for two small silver ear cuffs. I knew I would be wearing them every chance I could get.

The great thing about ear cuffs is that you don’t need to pierce your ears in order to add some style to your ears. You just slide them on and they stay put (unless of course they get caught in your hair or clothes). I lost one of my favorite ear cuffs not too long ago and was devastated. I then decided I wanted to know how to make some myself to ease the pain. After I made a bunch for myself I ended up finding my old one! Anyway, the website listed below gives simple instructions on making your own ear cuffs. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures of my first ear cuff:



And, here are some images of the first ear cuff I tried to make using the tutorial:


After making the larger one I decided to try making a smaller one that fit at the top:


Ear cuffs are absolutely adorable, not to mention fun to make! One downside about these is that not many commercial stores sell them. I’ve searched everywhere for them, but have found they are only available at the moment online and in specialty jewelry stores. On the bright side, these little accessories are so adorable that I think in the near future everyone will be wearing them. Hopefully as they become more popular they will be easier to find in stores and there will be a wide variety to choose from. For now you can try making them yourselves and adding your own flare to your jewelry collection.

Hugs for your ears!

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