What time is it? Project Time!

Adventure Time is the greatest children’s-show-that-also-amuses-adults to ever grace our cartoon media outlets (in my humble opinion). The main characters are so lovable, quirky, and relatable that they quickly found their ways into my heart. So I decided to make a craft in honor of Finn the Human.

This project is super simple. All you need is a toilet paper roll (yay! reusing materials!), paint or colored pencils, a Sharpie marker, and imagination. Here is a picture of myself with the Finn-ished product:


I made this little guy while still at college, and during finals week at that. My bed-side table was a little empty and lonely so I created him to liven up the place. All you do is take a toilet paper roll and push both ends of the top into the middle, center of the roll to create his pointed ears. Then you simply draw his face, clothes, arms, and trusty knapsack, finishing his look by coloring or painting in his vibrant colors. I didn’t have all of the materials at college with me so I actually used white-out to color in his hat and colored pencils for the rest. Unconventional, but it worked nonetheless.



Try it for yourself, and make your own adventure!


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