Ommwriter Dāna: A Peaceful Word Processor

Hello all!

I came across a fantastic program the other day on the internet. There is an app called Ommwriter Dāna that is visually pleasing, peaceful, and a great way to write on your computer without pesky distractions. Here is a link to their lovely website:


Basically if I had to describe Ommwriter in a few words I would say that it is an advanced form of notepad and other similar word processors. The creators offer a window expands to fill the user’s screen so that they are not distracted by outside forces. There are sound effects for every letter you type along with background music that relaxes the mind and allows for a calm environment. Users can also choose from different background options that are simplistic yet beautiful. Ommwriter Dāna really puts you in the mood to write and let your creativity explode. You can change the font size and style with a few options, and when you are all finished you can save the document to your computer.

There are two versions of Ommwriter available at the moment. Dāna I is free and available on PC, Mac, and IPads. Dāna II is brand-spanking new and is also available on all of the previously mentioned systems, but you are encouraged to pay for it. The website recommends the minimum price of $4.11, but the average amount paid is $7.33. The difference between the free, first version and the new, priced version is the complexity and options offered. The first Dāna offers three audio and visual settings while the new version offers seven audio and eight visual settings. So, the Dāna II version has much more diversity in sound and appearance choices.

I downloaded the Dāna I version yesterday and cannot keep myself from using it! I highly recommend that if you do not wish to pay for the new version to at at least download the original.   That being said, I think it is worth shelling out the few dollars for the new, enhanced version because the new options they have added really spice up the experience. I haven’t gotten around to buying the new version yet; I wanted to try out the first one before committing to the new Dāna.

So, would you like to hear about my first experience with the program? Of course! I will share with you the first two documents I typed into the Ommwriter Dāna immediately after it was finished installing onto my personal computer:

“Wow, I am so excited that I finally installed Ommwriter. I was a little peeved when I couldn’t install the second version. But, I persevered nonetheless! Yay, persistence! I think this version will do the trick. My ears are being treated to the lovely sounds of what seems like a barrage of wind chimes at the moment. Oh, also I do quite enjoy the simple design in the background. Understated, yet elegant. Well done, Ommwriter!”

After I completed this little review of the program I decided to express how I feel when I use this word processor:

“Every time I open this window my heart smiles a little. The sound of those welcoming bells asking,  “Hey, there, how have you been?” They always seem to miss me when I’ve been gone and, you know what, I miss them as well. They are strangely comforting. I never knew a sound could offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. They urge me to share what I’m feeling, to purge the thoughts and words that have been bubbling in my mind throughout the day. I never want to leave once I enter this space of tranquility. Though I know the real world beckons, I would just like to sit here and write. I want to get it all out.”

I highly recommend, as a writer and a creative soul, that you download any and/or all versions of the Ommwriter Dāna and don’t be afraid to slice open your mind and let it pour from your fingers, to yours keys, and finally onto the Ommwriter screen. I hope you experience the inspirational liberation that I did.

Go write your story!


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