Project of the Day: Lamp shadow figures


Today I have a project that has brought smiles to multiple faces. I was inspired by this photograph from


I couldn’t figure out if this was a decal attached to the wall or something attached to the lamp to cause the shadow. Nevertheless, I decided to print out an outline of Peter Pan (one of my first fictional crushes) to add to my lamp just to brighten my day. Did you catch the pun? I used this outline from the link below:

deviant art

I inserted the picture into a Word file and adjusted it to the size I desired. I printed it, cut along the outside, and simply taped the figure on the inside of my lamp shade. It was an incredibly easy project and has fascinated my parents to say the least. Not to mention, I smile uncontrollably whenever I pull on the metal beaded chain that activates my lamp. I become flooded with memories of wishing Neverland, fairies, and Peter Pan himself were real. This small piece of paper has helped me to keep in mind the importance of staying young, keeping my innocence, and allowing myself to play. Here’s a photo of my own lamp and the lurking Peter shadow:


I entreat you to attempt this project yourself. If you’re not a fan of Peter Pan you can use any character or scene you’d like. It’s sort of like an adult version of carving Jack-o-lanterns. Get creative when playing with the shadows and don’t forget to smile in the process.

Go find your Neverland!


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