Book recommendation: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Oh hi there!

I have a great tip for you today. Stop what you are doing, seriously. Focus on what I am about to tell you. Have I got your attention? Good. You absolutely need to read this novel, Looking for Alaska by John Green. You will not regret it.

Looking for Alaska

I first picked up this novel about two years ago at the advice of one of my best friends. Well, she had told me in 6th grade to read the book, but I got to it eventually. And, when I did I regretted waiting so long. This book is still my favorite. I keep it on its own shelf, in fact, because it simply surpasses all of the others in my collection (except of course Harry Potter).

John Green is one of my favorite authors of all time, forever! If you haven’t heard of him, he is a fresh and young writer that really understands the teenage mind and gives insight on the problems we all face, thinking we’re the only ones going through the struggles. He is also a vlogger and very humorous from what I’ve heard. Anyway, I digress. This novel captured my attention from the beginning. The main character was relatable and I immediately wished I could live in his fictional world so that I could befriend him. Green is brilliant at playing with his readers’ emotions. In the beginning, I was laughing until it hurt. Later my heart was so shattered that I regretted ever being happy with the previous chapters. I felt guilty for being so optimistic and sharing in the comedy of the characters. I think I cried through the last half of the book at least (which is a reoccurring phenomenon I’ve experienced while reading John Green books). I fell in love with each character as if they were so real I could call them up on the phone and ask how they’re doing. I felt every emotion they did; I saw them more clearly than the physical words on the page. Every up, every down, I truly felt like I was sharing in their lives. I couldn’t close the book. Even after I had read the last words, the final goodbyes, I didn’t want to admit it was over. For me, it will never be over.

Looking for Alaska is more than a book, more than mere words on a page. This book is an experience. A lovely story full of cathartic, positive moments and existentialist, low-points. You will gain best friends and suffer loss. I implore you to read this book (and when you fall in love with it, read it many more times). I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did.

Please, go look for Alaska!


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