Project of the Day: Book Page Poetry

Hey there everyone!

The other day I was perusing the internet and came across this wonderful little creative writing activity known as Book Page Poetry. Here is the original image I found from

Isn’t that just beautiful?

So, I decided to try it myself. However, since I have little to no visual artistic ability I tweaked the activity to suit my needs. Essentially you take a page from a book (I couldn’t bring myself to remove the page) and choose any words, circling or underlining them, to create verses and ultimately a poem from the existing text. 

My mother has an entire basement filled with old books that she was going to simply dispose of. This tore at my book-loving heartstrings so I asked her if I could use, or as I put it “creatively recycle”, them. She agreed and I began my project. I used the book The Wild Bunch by Ernest Haycox (seen below). It’s essentially a western novel which provided me with words, syntax, and subject matter that I have never used before in my poetry.



Here is a bit of my work. I don’t form the great flowing artwork that others have, but I focus on the words and try to create a sort of elegance and visual pleasure through them.


And another:


I apologize that the photos aren’t very close-up, but my camera decided it wanted to be finicky. I hope this project gives you some inspiration and a way to inject some creativity into your daily life. I’ve certainly enjoyed it. I also recommend using newspapers as well to create this poetry as no books will be harmed in this method. Have fun and add your own spice to the activity!

Poets proliferate!


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