So you’re new to hooping, eh?

Have no fear! I have a few tips on how to begin hooping and enhance your skills.

My first piece of advice is to search the internet or YouTube for videos on hooping. There are hundreds of thousands of tutorial videos as well as routines and just general hooping. As you watch more and more of these you will grow your trick list and become more familiar with the movements involved and what to expect when beginning.

Next, it is super important to practice. A lot. When I started I found an activity known as the 30/30 challenge. This requires you to hoop for 30 minutes every day for 30 days. Seems easy enough, right? I used this strategy to encourage myself to stick with it. And, even though I didn’t do 30 minutes every day I did hoop every day for the 30 day period. You’ll be surprised at how you will improve in such a short time span. It took me two weeks to master keeping the hoop on my midsection. Yes, it was frustrating. But, it would’ve taken me a lot longer if I hadn’t tried every day. Who knows, I might have given up and never seen what I could do.

Another tip I’d like to offer you is to video tape yourself. This is a great way to see what you look like as you hoop and to notice areas that may need some improvement. Plus, you might discover that you did a few tricks that you hadn’t formally learned or even tried to accomplish. Along with this, it is widely recommended to hoop in an area with mirrors (such as a dance studio). I’ve never used mirrors and have done just fine. Whatever works for you is fine!

Finally, there is one key to hooping that really helped me improve. You must be willing to look stupid. Yes, I said it. If you are able to let go and not care how silly, off-balance, or ridiculous you look you will become more comfortable and you and your hoop will sky-rocket to success. Everyone messes up. I can’t tell you how many bruises I got during the first weeks of practice (even now I am continually black and blue). I’ve hit myself in the face with my own hoop, tripped, fell over, messed up every move, accidentally sent the hoop flying twenty feet away, hit others in my path, and slammed into furniture all while trying to master my skills. And, you know what? I loved every minute of it. These “mistakes” were all part of the experience. They make me the hooper I am today and I couldn’t be prouder of these so-called embarrassing moments.

So, get out there. Dance, flail, wiggle, move wildly, exaggerate everything and discover how your own body can truly move. 

Good luck, hoopers!


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