Roommates can be terrifying, but I was one of the lucky ones.

You see those people in this picture right here?Image

Those two girls (on the right) are my roommates. And, when I say roommates, I mean best friends/sisters that make me realize why I love life. They are hilarious, quirky, intelligent, fiercely strong, optimistic, and sarcastic in only the best way. They’ll never know how much they really mean to me.

I understand how scary it can be to enter college worrying about the many looming questions that lay ahead such as:

“Will I like my classes?”

“Can I afford all these books?”

“How will I find my way around campus?”

or even

“Do I have to ask my professors permission to go to the bathroom?”

But, one of the scariest moments is wondering whether you will get along with your roommates. I had the worst images before I actually set foot on campus of beer-guzzling, drug-snorting, dirty, loud, and raucous roommates that would make my first year of college a nightmare. So, when I first met my roommates-to-be I held my breath.

I quickly figured out that these people would change my life. They were great from the beginning (intimidating, but lovable nonetheless). I admired their unique personalities and humorous take on everyday situations. But, I was still afraid that they would not feel the same way about me. I can say with absolute assurance, after a year of living in close quarters, that these people will have a meaningful presence in my life to the end.

I love you guys!



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