Getting Started

Hello everyone!

I hope to help all of you aspiring hoopers to begin your journey as smoothly as I did. So, I will include some tips and instructions on how to make your own hoop and enter the world of hoop dance.

When I first began I decided to make my own hoop (mainly due to the fact that poly-pro hoops cost $35 apiece).

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 100 or 160 psi Polyethylene tubing (3/4 of an inch recommended)
  • Tube connectors (should be sold in the same store as the tubing and labeled as the same width as the tubing, 3/4”)
  • Tape to wrap your hoop (see below for different types)

After you have all of your supplies you will want to figure out how large of a hoop to begin with. I recommend starting with a sizable hoop as it will yield a slower rotation. I began with about a 42” in diameter hoop and it worked perfectly. Desired sizes for beginners range from about 39”-42”. But, the sky is the limit and you really can’t make it too large. The next step is to cut the tubing to the desired length. You will want to heat up the ends of the tubing before putting in the connector. Quick tip: if you store the connector in your freezer it will be that much easier to fit it into the tubing. Now it is time to let the hoop cool.

The last step is to wrap your hoop to provide grip and stability. There are so many available choices for tape. I began with vinyl electrical tape and have actually found that I prefer this option above the rest. You can also purchase hockey (sports) tape, gaffer’s tape, duct tape, metallic tape, etc. I’ve known some hoopers to even wrap their hoops with fabric and/or ribbon. Again there is no limit on what you can use, but there are pros and cons to each type of tape. Vinyl electrical tape is a bit more slippery than most, but I think it provides sufficient grip and allows for better transitions. Hockey tape is courser, providing great grip, but can be rough on the hands. Metallic tape is beautiful and showy, but doesn’t offer as much grip. In the end, it’s up to you. Be creative and let your imagination soar!

Happy hooping!


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